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Why Lash Techs Highly Not Recommend Removing Eyelash Extension At Home

by LashviewClaire on

Why Lash Techs Highly Not Recommend Removing Eyelash Extension At Home

 lash extension remover

Having lash extension can change your beauty routine instantly, while it can give your lashes a beautiful look without mascara or false lashes for several weeks. However after about a month, those charming lashes may not look just like when it stepped out from the lashes salon. Actually, though the adhesive is not permanent, it will be a few stubborn stragglers don’t want to leave your eyes.


This blog is meant to tell you everything about eyelash extension removing.



DEFINITELY NO. There are many blog post and YouTube videos tell how to remove eyelash extension at home without asking lashes techs in lash salon. However, those homemade methods can be highly misleading and tend to be VERY DANGEROUS to the eyes.


When it is done by professional lash tech, it is an easy and safe process:

4 ways to remove lash extensions



Things that lash tech need for lash extension removal:

  • GEL Remover/Glue Remover
  • Micro Eyelash Extension Pads
  • Q-Tip Micro Swabs
  • Bubble Cleansing Moist


Types of professional eyelash glue removers:


Gel Remover (Click and buy now)


Professional eyelash extension gel remover glue remover is used to dissolve lash adhesive in just 2-5 minutes. 


Its gel texture whose consistency is like jelly, is good for lash extension removal with swabs.


Pump a small amount of gel remover onto a micro wand and apply it to the bonding area of the lash extension you want to remove. Leave it on for 2-5 minutes. If needed, keep the remover for an extra few minutes, then wipe off the lash extensions and glue with dry micro brushes.


Cream remover



This cream remover works fast and has gentle formula with minimal irritation. It has no stimulate smell, and the light Lily flavor is very pleasant when used. 


Designed in cream texture makes it easy to apply and sits on the lashes very well without running into eyes or skin. It has been tested and approved to MSDS, KC certification and SGS. Eyelash extension glue remover is for advanced lash stylists.




In any case, DO NOT USE professional lash extension remover BY YOURSELF.


Professional lash extension remover should only be used by the professionals, because they are formulated by some strong glue solvent chemical materials. So, NEVER use lash remover by yourself or ask a friend to do so. It will certainly hurt your eye lids if the remover is not handled properly.


Pro-tips on how to use lash extension glue remover


Wait for 2-5 minutes after apply the glue remover, while those glue solvents need some time to come in. If the lashes are rubbed before glue dissolving, it will be harmless to your natural lashes .


Do not apply any liquid (water, bubble cleansing moist) on the lashes before cleanse the eyelash extension remover from your natural lashes. After using the q-tip to rinse off remover clearly, cleansing the eyelids and lashes with bubble cleansing moist and the brush comes with the foaming moist. It may irritate your eyes or affect your next lash extension, if the removing is not handled properly.



When do you need to remove lash extensions?

As the growth of the natural lashes and the viscosity of lash glue, the eyelash extensions may have to be removed after three weeks. In about two and half weeks after application, some eyelash extensions would not stay in their place. If those go-out lashes were not removed in time,they would hurt the eyelids and affect the n

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