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The Differences Between Cream Remover Vs. Gel Remover While Removing Lash Extension

by LashviewClaire on


In recent years, eyelash extensions have certainly become the hottest trend in beauty services. The need to apply fresh false eyelashes each day is a thing of the past thanks to lash extensions, which can give anyone instantly longer, fuller eyelashes (even if you weren't born with them). Long lashes are always enough to have anyone persuaded to spend their hard-earned cash on such a service.

However, due to hectic schedules and an ever-expanding list of responsibilities, people don't always have the time to get their eyelash extensions touched up (or removed). It is so important not to remove your lash extensions at home. This could cause serious damage to your natural lashes! Always go to a lash technician for quick, safe as well as professional removal.

Lash Extension Remover: Cream Remover Vs. Gel Remover

Gel Remover

Gel Remover is simple to apply because of its thick consistency, which prevents the product from spreading while making your job with the clients extremely easy and also less time-consuming. This kind of remover is used to remove eyelash extensions completely or partially. Before using, give the bottle a good shake, then wait for 1 to 3 minutes before trying to remove the eyelash extension from the client's natural lash.

Its consistency is usually thick enough to sit on the eyelashes, however, if the remover is left on the lashes for an extended period, the texture may become watery and irritate the eye. For this reason, it is advised that experienced professionals use the product. And because it takes a  very small amount of time for the lash remover to dissolve the adhesive, it saves the product, and it will last for a long.


  • Removes the few remaining lashes which are left hanging on for dear life.
  • This a fantastic formula for an eyelash professional who prefers removing lashes one by one with a precision tool like a tweezer.


  • One application won't remove all of the lashes.
  • Some formulas might have harmful ingredients in them.

Cream Remover

Using a cream remover is the easiest and safest method of removing lash extensions. It is best for removing an entire set of lash extensions. This remover has a thick, cream-like consistency and also sits on the eyelashes very well without dripping into the client’s eyes or skin.

Because dissolving adhesive bonds is so simple, both experienced lash artists and less experienced beginners prefer this particular remover.


  • It is known as the easiest and safest professional eyelash extension remover.
  • Able to remove all of the lash sets after the first use
  • Safe for sensitive eyes.
  • Helps to remove stubborn lash extensions.


  • It might be challenging to remove the cream after removing the eyelash extensions.


STEP 1: Prepare the eyes for the removal of lash extensions. Put under eye pads and also lower lash tape, making sure to extend the coverage to the lash line. This will shield the lower lashes as well as the skin. When eye tape and pads are properly positioned, keep the client’s eyes closed for the remainder of the removal process.

STEP 2: Put some lash extension cream or gel remover on a fresh micro swab. Make sure your micro swab has enough eyelash remover on it. You can drop the lash remover on the micro swab directly or even on a perfectly clean lash tile so that the micro swab can scoop it up. Make sure the client is at ease closing their eyes as the under-eye tapes and pads are tucked in near the lash line.

STEP 3: Gently apply the remover to the extensions while staying within the glue line. To effectively dissolve the adhesive bond, make sure you apply the lash extension remover along the glue line. For the adhesive bond to be completely broken, let the remover sit for at least one minute or two. Avoid getting it on your client's skin or eyes.

STEP 4: Gently remove the extensions using your tweezers or new micro swabs. Work your way through each lash until the extensions are separated from the natural lash. Be very gentle when taking out the extensions to avoid removing any eyelashes in the process.

STEP 6: Use fresh micro swabs to remove any remaining eyelash remover. After the last lash extension has been removed, thoroughly clean the remover from the lashes.

STEP 7: Give the eyelashes a bath. Make sure to thoroughly wipe away the remover before giving the lashes a revitalizing lash bath.

STEP 8: Use cotton pads to pat the lashes dry. The lashes should be damp and free of foam and remover after the lash bath. The final step is to gently wipe them with cotton pads until they are completely dry.


The Lashview lash extension remover is non-irritating and gentle. It is designed to work quickly and easily on even the strongest lash glue without jeopardizing the natural lashes. It makes it simple to remove your client's eyelash extensions. Additionally, the remover is made with a thicker consistency to avoid getting into your client's eyes. It won't run and is very simple to control.

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