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What to Do When Adhesive Allergies Happens

by LashviewClaire on


Adhesive allergies and too little proper knowledge of why they occur can be an increasing problem in the lash extension industry. Both sides, lash artists and clients, tend to be frustrated and perplexed whenever a client that hasn’t had a reaction before begins having sensitivities. The end result is that lash allergies worsen the more vulnerability the client must the adhesive.

The Reasons

Every adhesive currently on the marketplace produces a substance response in the bonding process that can irritate sight. Therefore, each adhesive has some other fume level. Some individuals will have a greater reaction to more robust glue. If they’ve had a reaction to acrylic fingernails before, they’ll also react to lash adhesives.

As your body realizes as time passes that something foreign has been applied to the lash line, your disease fighting capability kicks in and creates a compound called histamine. Histamines are simply the evil sister to antihistamines. (You know, those ones that help you are feeling good during allergy season!) From itching to swelling, histamines released is what to blame on your puffy eyes.

How to proceed In case there is Reaction

Sadly, after you have an allergic reaction to adhesives and eyelash extensions, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another person to lash you. We’ve included some quick tips to remember if you or your consumer develop an effect.

Benadryl: In the first sign of irritability, instruct clients to take a Benadryl before foundation. This can help reduce swelling and itchiness by morning hours.

Change Adhesives: Different adhesives have different degrees of fumes. Though it requires more fills for your client, our Individual Lash Glue Pro is a superb option for people who have possessed a slight reaction in the past or overall awareness.

If the effect is more serious:

Remove clients eyelashes after 24 hours. Once the adhesive has cured totally, most clients will no longer have the itchy sense or additional discomfort. If itching and swelling persist after a day, remove lashes.

24-48 hour after: If your client has an allergic attack, coconut oil is a superb way to soak from the lashes and soothe the skin throughout the eyes.

After 48 hours: If itching and swelling persist after 48 hours, instruct your client to see a doctor. Their doctor will likely ask to start to see the ingredient list for the adhesive. To stay ahead of this, you can a get a backup from us! Contact us through email or social media and we will provide SDS for our products of salon owners to keep onsite in case of emergency.

After your client is rolling out an allergy to lash extensions, you should stop trying to get extensions. Unfortunately, after they have an effect, they will will have a response. Though it may feel unhappy to part ways with these clients, it is in the best interest of your business and their health. They’ll ultimately recognize that you are just wanting to keep them healthy, beautiful and happy.

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