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Lash Lift Explained – How Does an Eyelash Lift Work?

by LashviewClaire on

What is the eyelash lift beauty secret that so many women are talking about?

Lash Lift is a revolutionary treatment for people who want their eyelashes to look full, curled, and beautiful without the fuss of lash curlers or false eyelashes every day. Now you can use this unique alternative to get long-lasting effects that look picture-perfect every time.

Forget other options that use harsh chemicals like ammonia and perm solutions. Lash Lift only uses specially prepared keratin to thicken each eyelash you already have and fix it in the perfect place for lovely lift and curl. The end results look best if you already have sick eyelashes, but everyone can enjoy the benefits of this safe procedure.

What Is the Price of an Eyelash Lift Treatment?

Lash Lift does require a larger initial investment than a pair of faux eyelashes or a new mascara. Each treatment costs approximately $150. However, for this amount, you get beautifully curled eyelashes that last day after day. If you applied false eyelashes every day, the individual prices would add up quickly to even more than this amount. For your investment, you get specialized treatment from an expert with sufficient training to perform an eyelash left safely and with the best results in mind.

Will an Eyelash Lift Damage My Natural Lashes?

No. As long as you opt for the keratin-based Lash Lift product, you do not have to worry about damage to your eyelashes or losing any more than you naturally do. Harsh chemicals like ammonia in some treatments can damage these delicate hairs. Also, false eyelashes and extensions may pull off some of them out during application or removal.

What Is and Eyelash Lift Appointment Like?

On the day of your scheduled appointment, you will come into the comfortable office for the procedure. The specialist will ask if you have any customization preferences. You can choose from less or more curl to suit your eye shape and the length of your existing lashes.

The whole procedure only takes about an hour. You may even enjoy getting your lashes done on your lunch break. If you opt for additional services such as tinting, you will have to add some extra time.

Will the Eyelash Lift Hurt?

Never. While some people find it disconcerting to have any work done near their eyes, you will never feel any burning, pulling, or soreness during or after the procedure.

How Do I Care for my Lashes Afterward?

In order to enjoy the maximum benefits, we recommend you do not wear any eye makeup or get your eyelashes wet for 48 hours after the procedure finishes. This allows the special keratin solution to work most effectively and give you the look you want.

Soon, you will be able to enjoy applying cosmetics as usual on your new, beautifully curled lashes. Each treatment will last for two months.

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