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The Perfect Lash Lift Step by Step

by LashviewClaire on

If you keep up to date with the latest product in the beauty industry, you know about the amazing popularity of lash lift kits.

A large number of spas and beauty salons already offer them as either a separate service or part of various packages specially made for their clients.

If you want to do the same, the process is a lot easier than you may think.

This step-by-step tutorial for using a high-quality lash lift kit will tell you everything you need to know about introducing this impressive service to your clients and customers.

Simple Steps for Beautiful Lashes 

1 – Get your clients ready with a perfectly clean and make up free face. Only use cleansing products that do not moisturize or introduce oil so that the lash lift works as well as possible.

2 – Arrange the eye patches over the lower lash line. You will not be using the lift kit solutions on the lower lashes, and you do not want the upper ones to get stuck to the lower ones.

3 – With a clean and dry mascara brush, carefully straighten the upper lashes. Make sure they are separated, tidy, and any loose ones are gone before you continue with the lash lift kit application.

4 – Choose the appropriate size pad for your client’s eyelashes and apply it securely. The lash lift kit should include these pads and some basic instructions from the manufacturer directly.

Tips: In case of clients with sensitive skin and the pad move during the whole procedure, you can use lash tape and apply it on the eyelid then place the pad on, so it serves as isolation between eyelids and the lash lift glue.

How do you know what size is the best choice for the client?

  • Small for 10mm lashes and below
  • Medium for 11 to 12mm lashes
  • Large for 13mm lashes and above

5 – Attach the pad with the glue that comes with the kit you use. Double check that it is exactly sit above the lash line and attached well to prevent leaks or other problems.

6 – Use the included L-shaped tip lash tool to lift and angle the upper lashes stick onto the patch.

7 – Select the #1 bottle of lifting cream from the lash kit and apply it fully to the lashes. This first application makes your client’s lashes softer and ready to take the beautiful curl. This application works well with a micro brush so you can get enough solution on each individual lash.

8 – Wait 15 to 20 minutes depending on the thickness and length of the eyelashes you are working on. Naturally small lashes only need 15 minutes while those that are already thick and full can use 20 minutes of preparation time. In most cases, it helps to use 17 or 18 minutes on average.

9 – Use a clean and dry micro brush to remove the solution completely before moving on to later steps. It is exceptionally important that all of the excess perm is cleaned away so you do not over process the lashes or end up burning it.

10 – Select the #2 bottle of neutralizing lotion. Apply this to all the lashes you just cleaned with a new micro brush. This part of the lash kit sets the final curl on your natural lashes and make sure that the perm solution is neutralized completely.

11 – Wait 10 to 15 minutes depending on the length and thickness of the natural lashes. The same rules apply as described above for the perm solution step 8.

12 – After the time is up, use in a clean and dry micro brush to remove the neutralizing solution.

13 – Select the #3 moisturising serum from the lash kit. Brush it onto the lashes for a final healthy boost and wait 3 to 5 minutes. Remove this as you have all the other liquid solutions in the kit.

14 – Make sure your client’s lashes have no more solutions of any kind on them before removing the pads and finalizing the lash kit process. A sweep with a clean mascara brush helps to fan them out neatly and give them the most attractive appearance.

Using a professional quality lash lift kit is not difficult if you follow these step-by-step instructions. You can offer all of your clients and customers one of the hottest cosmetic treatments today and satisfy their desire for naturally curled and thick lashes at your beauty salon or spa.

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