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Hybrids Wispy Eyelash Set Complete Mapping Instructions

by LashviewClaire on

Eyelash technicians always need to keep on top of the latest trends and looks taking the cosmetic world by storm. Lashview artists have stopped by today to explain exactly how to give your clients a hybrid wispy set. This type of eyelash map may take a while to get used to, but they do offer an excellent way to transition from classic faux lashes to Russians. Instead of placing fans individually, these hybrid sets offer you the opportunity to practice with a different way of doing eyelashes.

If your client prefers to stay away from a full Russian set, the hybrid wispy eyelash set design is a way to break them up and create a more natural look. You do not sacrifice any of the amazing style you get from the thicker faux lashes, it just gives you another option to offer your clients who want to look so beautiful best.

Follow along to learn how I make my hybrid sets so that you can try it, too.

Using the LashView Russian eyelashes, I start with 13mm in the inner corner and graduate the length up to 16mm for the longest part of the eyelash set. To give a more natural and unique wispy look, I use half classic and half high-volume lashes. During the application process, I always put on the volume lashes first to create the foundation of the set. This makes it easier to see where I need to fill in with the shorter ones.

Hybrid Eyelash Mapping

Section One

In the first section, concentrate on accentuating the area wherever the natural eyelashes seem thin or sparse. I would use fans to do this in a way that makes sense for the individual client.

Section Two

Next, the natural lashes are probably a bit thicker in this section than the last one, but they still need some help to look better. Add more lashes in this section than you did in Section One. Consider using 2/3 fans and 1/3 classic lashes instead.

Section Three

This section is very similar to the one before it. However, the natural lashes may be thicker here, so you would not need as many false ones. Stick with the 2/3 fans and 1/3 classic lashes.

Section Four

Mix fans and classics however you need to make the wonderful wispy look you are going for. This will completely depend on the client’s own eyelashes.

Section Five

The section usually needs some bulking up, so I switched to just 1/3 fans and 2/3 classic lashes. Ultimately, a more natural and even look for this hybrid set depends on many factors that I cannot cover in a simple instructional article. You need to use your eyes and experience to accentuate the best parts, fill in any gaps or sparse sections, and create a wispy look your client will love. The goal is to make everything blends together beautifully.

Hybrid sets offer a great option for people with relatively full and attractive eyelashes of their own. They are a gentler and more casual look than some of the more dramatic false eyelash styles. Therefore, this method is ideal for someone who wants to augment their own natural appearance in a comfortable way.

420 x 470px
420 x 470px
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