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Individual Lash Glue Pro

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  • 1. HOME AND SALON USE: This LASHVIEW Individual Lash Glue Pro is designed for cluster lashes and eyelash extensions application. It is the perfect glue for upcoming lash artists and whoever want their DIY eye look last longer.
  • 2. IMPROVED SAFE FORMULA: Active components speed up the glue curing and drying time and enables to bond tightly between natural and false lashes. The lash adhesive cures from the inside out resulting in reduced fume, and no extra fume can use it while eyes open, even for sensitive clients.
  • 3. MAXIMUM LASTING TIME: Waterproof formula and ultra bonding power can make your cluster lash extensions lasting up to 14-20 days, so no need to worry about frequent lash removal and applications, also it can stay with you everywhere, showering, swimming and even while in sleep.
  • 4. EASY AND FAST APPLICATION: Drop 2-3 drops of Individual Lash Glue Pro into a glue ring or on a glue sticker, holding a cluster lashes or lash extensions by applicator or tweezers and dip the root of lashes into it, then apply 1mm away above or underneath your natural lashes.
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Individual Lash Glue Pro
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